I had a very special mentor in AZ, Dr. Thom whom was also my Naturopathic Doc. He spoke about Miasms, a word in the homeopathic community to describe inherited predispositions towards physical &/or mental illnesses or weaknesses, & basically how you eliminate and drain toxins 👏🏼

There is a particular miasm, where they hold onto secrets, just as they hold onto toxins. This group of people store things, from physical toxins to emotional ones & don’t eliminate well. They even grow things, like cysts/fibroids. The miasm is called the Sycotic Miasm (not to be read as psychotic, however this miasm does have quite a bit of mental emotional symptoms involved!) 😳

Dr. Thom also told us that secrets are toxic, and we should always tell at least ONE person! He said this group of people will know you for a long time, even years, and they they will say “I haven’t told anyone this before, but…” and in that moment is when they will begin to heal. And boy, was he right. The moments my patients tell me what they never have told anyone before, and they open their throat chakra and share, energy can start flowing again 👏🏼

Many of us are holding secrets to ourself because we feel shame, guilt, fear, or even rage from them, even if we are not apart of this miasm. These secrets are usually what are keeping us sick. Repressed emotions can be a core issue in solving your case, especially if you haven’t been able to get well despite tons of the best holistic medicine on the planet.

Personally, I went to one of the top Notch Lyme doctors in the country, spent a pretty penny, and was still so very sick. He told me there was an energetic/spiritual issue I had to deal with. I was sacred AF to go there, but thank God I did. I had a secret I didn’t even know I had and my body was protecting itself by giving me “amnesia” as I call it.

We disassociate from our body, or in shamanic terms, our soul leaves our body when we have trauma. Some people remember their trauma & keep the secret bc of the intense shame they feel, or some people don’t even know they have it.

No amount of vitamins in the world will cure you if you abandon your emotional/spiritual self!

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