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“Healthy” is not New Age, a fad, nor is it just about eating kale, and lots of it. Healthy is what we are in our physical body, our mind and our spirit. When we reach that unity we become sophisticated, vibrant and by far the best version of ourselves we can imagine. It’s never too late to start.

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Why Naturopathy?

Because indigenous cultures had the right idea! These cultures were well aware of the immense benefits of medicine derived from the earth. They knew that the body has the innate ability to heal itself, given the right conditions and environment. Because Naturopathy takes into account the whole person, and doesn’t solely treat symptoms. Naturopathy yields results! Our practitioners are detectives and investigate the root cause of your illness, or health concerns and develop a unique treatment plan just for you.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sue!

Do you feel like you are constantly searching? Searching for a better idea of who you are? Searching for what sets your soul on fire? For how to heal; mentally, physically, and spiritually? I understand you, because my journey has been just that. 

The search is a lifelong mission and as we follow our intuition, our health and aspects of our lives begin to fall into place. From advertising executive in NYC to now a Naturopathic Doctor in LA, I clearly have never stopped searching for what I can do in this world that allows me to give back to humanity, as well as dig deep within myself to heal myself, and those around me. 

Transitioning from a career in advertising in NYC to then moving across country to AZ to pursue an education as a Naturopathic doctor, was nothing less than daunting. It was however the best decision I have made in my life and have zero regrets. It has helped me find the root cause of my health issues which I continue to work on each and every day. 

It is through my own hardships in health and past trauma, that I have been able to help the patients who end up in my care.

The patients that land on my schedule are those who are truth seekers, know there is a better way to heal than conventional medicine and love that I can relate to them, as a human, just as they are. A human who understands hardship and helps others rise above.


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– r.h.. Sin

If not now, when?

Thank you for stopping by and observing all that natural medicine has to offer you. 

At Naturally Sue Wellness, our team works deeply on the mind/body connection. We see you, we understand you, and we are here to help you. You just have to ask.

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