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"Dr. Cucchiara is an amazing doctor who taught me the importance of healthy foods and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I never knew my skin had a negative effect when I consume diary foods until I saw Dr. Cucchiara. She helped me change my diet with real foods. Dr. Cucchiara provided me with tons of educational information of the best food choices, healthy recipes, and much more. Best Naturopathic Doctor in NYC!"

Jamie Minaya

"Amazing! Dr. C's approach to medicine will make you feel better and set you up for long term health and wellness. After 8 consecutive rounds of antibiotics destroyed my gastrointestinal system, I suffered from terrible GI issues for nearly a year. After Dr. C healed my gut, I got strep AGAIN; I was devastated, and there was no way my body could withstand more antibiotics. But with Dr. C's guidance, I beat strep naturally WITH NO ANTIBIOTICS in just four days - verified by lab culture. She's a god send! And a wonderful human to boot!"

Bret Arnold

"I have dealt with crohn's disease for more than 14 years now and I have been on all kind of medication with no result. In 1 call with Dr Sue I Feel much better. She gave me some new supplements and organized the ones I am taking and now I am off steroids, humira and all medication for crohn's. All this before I even did the blood tests. During our call she took her time to discuss all the details in relation to my history and she was so nice and professional. I am sure we have a long road with my crohn's and my other issues and I am so looking forward to continue working with Dr Susan."

Hussein G

"I have been working with Dr Susan for 6 months now, and I honestly feel the healthiest that I have in years! She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and caring in her approach. I have learned so much about my body and what food choices can really heal you from within....all because of Dr Susan. I enjoy following her on Instagram because I learn something new with her every post! I highly recommend her!"

Laurie Krupa

"I started working with Dr. Cucchiara after my partial thyroid removal. I was not feeling well and couldn't figure out why. I knew after my first visit with her that I was in good hands. After working with her for nearly a year I have gone down from a 1X to a size 12 with just dietary changes. My energy level has improved with my supplement regime and we are now working on my emotional health with the EFT technique. I recommend her to anyone who feels that they aren't being heard. She takes her time with all her patients. I also love the fact that she does video appointments as well."

The Cinderella Syndrome

"Dr. Sue is an excellent provider: she is an empathetic, thorough listener. She actually hears your thoughts about your health and incorporates them into her treatment plan. She is diligent and kind, I appreciate her thorough blood work so much. I've lost 17lbs in 9 months, weight that I gained before my celiac diagnosis, with her guidance on healing from celiac."

Marguerite Campbell

"Dr. Sue is the most incredible doctor I've ever worked with. She cares about the WHOLE YOU, not just your symptoms. She takes her time to get to know you and learn the whole picture so she can target the root cause. She will make you feel so supported and cared for. Any questions I ever have at any time, I can write in and she answers right away. I have never felt rushed out or dismissed, like I have with so many other doctors. She is a true holistic healer. I couldn't recommend Dr. Sue highly enough!!

Leah Rosen

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