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Find the synergy between your mind, body and spirit.

Why join our workshops?

You want to be healthy, but you don’t know where to start. You want to dip your feet into holistic healthcare or want to widen your knowledge of the root cause behind your health concerns. You are craving a sense of community.

Dr. Sue and her team of experts will be guiding you on natural ways to live your best life:

happy and healthy.

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Benefits of a group program

Heal in the comfort of your own home

75 min live group program that you
can attend even in your pj’s!

Provide a safe place for your healing

These group programs will be a judgment free zone
for you to come as you are.

Feel empowered to self-heal

Sometimes it is hard to get motivated to take the action steps necessary to get well. These group programs are meant to inspire you so you put yourself first.

Receive educational handouts

These handouts will outline the agenda and content for each group program. The goal is to be able to refer back to these guides in order to keep yourself accountable.

Be a part of a community. recognize you are not alone

One of the biggest challenges we see in our patients is feeling misunderstood when it comes to their health. It was important to us that we provide a safe place with like minded individuals to discuss common health challenges.

Q & A

Participants can submit their questions prior to the group program so the teachers can address them during the program. We will also open the floor to 15 minutes of questions and get through as many as we possibly can! Depending on how much buzz and questions there are on a topic, we can then create a part 2 or series on that same topic.

Topics will include:

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Meet your experts


I am so excited to bring you LIVE group programs with some of my favorite practitioners and healers.

Time and time again we see patients focusing primarily on their physical body and neglecting their mental, emotional health and spiritual health. We know that every single physical condition can trace back to an emotional cause. In order to truly heal, we have to treat the whole person. This is why I am coming together with different practitioners and healers to not only give you helpful information to help heal your physical body, but also nourish your emotional body. 

In our group program, you will find out what emotions may have caused the physical manifestation of your “dis-ease” and steps on how to address these emotions safely.

To learn more about me, click here for my bio.

Dr. Susan Cucchiara

Upcoming Workshops

Date To be Announced

Women's Hormones and Sound Bowl Healing

Experts: Dr. Susan Cucchiara and Thais Tiosi

$111 Early Bird. $133 Regular

Through working one on one with patients/clients for the past several years, Dr. Sue and Thais have seen women unnecessarily suffering from imbalances in their hormones. Women have reported volatile moods, anxiety, low energy, bloating, painful/irregular/heavy periods, low libido, acne, hair loss, hirsutism, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and more! Dr. Sue sees improvements in these symptoms doing proper hormonal testing, lifestyle and food modifications, herbs/supplements and more.

Thais sees women for energy therapies such as reiki, sound healing using tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and notices that many of the hormonal imbalances were improved after energetic and mental blockages were also cleared.

Many of her clients had decreased PMS symptoms, mood swings and reported more regular cycles.

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What you will be learning


Introduction: Meet Dr. Sue and Thais

Learn who we are and how we help patients!


Short grounding meditation with Thais.

Thais will guide you on a short meditation to help ground your energy and allow you to feel calm and centered for the rest of the workshop.


Dr. Sue: Hormone testing, supplements, food, lifestyle

We will outline the most common causes for hormonal imbalances, what labs you want to get done to help find the root cause, what supplements and foods can support your energy, as well as lifestyle techniques that can help you rebuild your strength.


Emotional & Spiritual causes

Emotions are often neglected when searching for causes of our physical symptoms. We will talk about some of the stressors, low vibration emotions and traumas that can cause hormonal imbalances.



When you sign up, you will be able to provide a question you would like answered so we can cover it during the program!


Sound Bowl Healing

We will close out the workshop with a 30 minute Sound bowl for complete relaxation.

Early bird Special


Regular Pricing


Thais Tiosi's journey started

at a very young age…

Thais Tiosi grow up in Brazil, a country where people are very connected to the Earth and a lineage of healers and spiritual people. Her deep surrender to work with her gifts happened when she was on a path to healing from an auto-immune disease. It was a blessing in disguise so she could face all her emotions that came from the pain; it made her decide to live fully in the present, and in a slower pace.

In a place where she could allow all her emotions to come in and digest one at a time to find her inner wonders. Thais Tiosi is a sound and energy practitioner, quantum healer, reiki master, and qigong practice leader. She is passionate about helping people through energy and sound frequencies to clear blockages, release emotions and help them gain clarity about their lives by tapping into their soul’s purpose.

Thais is also the co-founder of Inner Wonders Soundbaths, a guided soundbath meditation app, creating a magical space for beginners and advanced meditators to discover inner peace through sound meditation.

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