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Have you felt that through the trials and tribulations that we call life that you have lost that edge, that sense of self, that sparkle?  We have all felt that sometime in our life.  The question is, how do we get it back?  I get goosebumps as I write this because it is really when we know ourselves and what we truly want do we have that light inside of us.  We are driven by passion, by knowing who we are, and that is what makes us sparkle.

It is even just doing the things we enjoy.  We put those aside due to work taking precedence and that light starts to diminish. We know it does but sometimes we just ignore it, because we are trying to do the things that seem like true necessities, like paying the bills, going to work, taking care of the kids, etc. The light just keeps getting dimmer and dimmer. Eventually the light goes out, and this is when we feel helpless;  because it has gone too far.  We feel we can’t go back now bc it is too much work.  But, this is simply not true. 

Sit with yourself in quiet place, close your eyes and think of three things you love to do.  Take the first thing you love to do… lets say its dancing.  Remember a time where you were dancing.  Remember specific events and memories and who was involved. What were you wearing, what the music sounded like and how it felt to move your body.  Re-live that experience. How did it feel to be in that emotional headspace doing what you loved?  Now think about the last time you did one of those things. Go to the next thing you loved to do and do the same exercise.  Do it one more time and now concentrate on those three things that brought you joy. When is the last time you did at least one of those things? Usually when we lose sight of the things that light us up, is when we lose our sparkle. 

Now create an action plan. How can you do at least one of those things in the next week? Where can you find the time? There is always time, we just have to make the time. If you spend a few hours a week browsing facebook or instagram, use that hour for something that actually makes your soul feel alive.  Write it in your calendar. Tell a friend you want to start dancing again for example. Ask someone to hold you accountable.  Once you start doing things you love again, you begin making more and more time for them. This, is when we get our sparkle back. 

Comment and tell me what you love to do and when you intend to bring that joy back into your life!!

Joyfully yours,
Dr. C

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