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Fess up…have you ever indulged in a favorite food or dessert and found yourself in your closet, or behind a door in order to hide it due to shear guilt?  So what, you did it, you had an ice-cream cone on your way home from work on Friday because you felt like it. The problem is not the icecream cone and how many calories it has, the problem is the GUILT we put on ourselves for eating it.

If you are going to indulge in an ice cream cone, indulge in it! Enjoy every bite of it.  Eat it slowly.  Make it last.  Taste every spoonful and flavor with a smile, because it is delicious.  If we eat food with good energy and emotions, without shame, our body is efficient in burning the calories off and metabolizing it.  When we are not in angst while eating, and are in a relaxed state, our body works optimally. If and when we eat the icecream cone worrying about the calories and feeling ashamed, our body feels that distress and it doesn’t process, digest or metabolize it the way it is supposed to. Our stress hormones actually kick in, making us store what we ate as fat and I am pretty sure we don’t want that!

In order to have less pressure on ourselves, abide by the 90/10 rule.  Eat 90% healthy, clean and nutritious food and 10% enjoy your life. If the 10% food makes you feel really sick, find a healthy alternative. For example if you love icecream but get sick from dairy, find a coconut or almond milk ice cream to enjoy. The point is, leave the guilt, shame and judgment at the door.  We are humans. We are not perfect. And we deserve to enjoy food we love once and a while. And, if you do it happily, and blissfully, your body will take care of it.  

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