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“It’s like a game of whack a mole!!”, as my mentor Dr. James Sensenig preaches.

It is just SO true.  I often hear in my practice how with some medication from their doctor, they are cured or healed.

I often hear this with eczema, however, I know that their steroid lotion is just repressing and suppressing their symptoms, and not only does it come back worse, but it can also come back as another disease process.

Or, I also hear those who have had some chemotherapy, radiation, or tumor removal, that they are told they are cancer-free. They may not have a cancerous tumor anymore, however, one thing you have to understand is that the same environment that grew the disease is still there. So, the environment that grew a cancerous tumor, or as I like to call it, the soil that is underlying it all, is still the same after the tumor was removed.

So, it is IMPERATIVE and essential that you change the soil/environment of the body so that cancer does not grow back, or return somewhere else. This goes with every disease!

I had a patient tell me her doc just gave her a script for an antibiotic for H Pylori. If we don’t change her gut health and immune system, she will get the infection over and over again, even if she takes this round of antibiotics. (BTW: I do help ppl heal from H pylori without drugs). 

My mentor uses the wack a mole game as a perfect example bc we often see this so often. We cut something out and it pops up somewhere else. I saw this with a recent colon cancer patient who doesn’t have it in her colon anymore but then it went to her trachea, lungs, etc.

How do we change the environment?  How do we change the soil?

We eat well, we take high-quality individualized supplements, we get THOROUGH blood work, we check our gut through stool and urine testing, and we check for heavy metals, food allergies, viruses, mold, pathogens, or anything that may be causing the body to be out of balance. We exercise, we rest, we sleep, and we manage stress. We can even get energy work!

If nothing else, don’t underestimate the healing power of the simple basics: clean/organic food, filtered water, movement, sleep, sweat & breath.


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