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There is nothing that makes me more 🤔😳than seeing patients on a supplement for every symptom they have, instead of first giving the body the raw materials it needs to function.

The body needs basic vitamins and minerals as co-factors for so many enzymatic processes and when the body gets these substances, the body can then begin to create homeostasis and support the organ systems. This in turn begins to then reverse the symptoms that once began.

Hence, by just giving the body the basics, it is intelligent enough to know what to do! I have seen people with over 10 symptoms that come back with 2-3 with just giving them the basics!

One thing that I make sure to do is to make sure my patients are getting their needs met with a really good multivitamin/mineral, probiotics, omega 3, Vitamin D, and magnesium.  The key is that they have to be QUALITY supplements.

I don’t feel in this day and age we can get everything we need through food and this is why we supplement. We are not trying to get vitamins in oppose to eating good food, however, we are supplementing an already good diet to fill in the gaps.

So, if you are eating 9 colors every day in fruit and veggies, drinking clean filtered water, moving your body, sweating, opening up the emunctories (pathways of elimination) by doing a castor oil and dry brushing, and taking the basic vitamins, people CAN and DO get well.

In this modern-day with how much disease is prevalent, that may not be enough for some. The patient population I see often needs more than JUST these bc I happen to see chronic disease patients with an extensive health history. Then, at this point, we decide on the best other natural remedies that fit their unique history, profile, and lab results.

However, if you are new to holistic medicine and want to give it a whirl, I recommend trying the basics and seeing how you feel.

Don’t forget, the body always needs self-care, rest, breathing, making peace with our minds, and working out our emotions!

You will never go wrong with giving the body what it needs.


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