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One thing I see often, and can’t tolerate is food shaming.  I see this a lot between carnivores + vegans.

You have a right to choose the diet that feels intuitively right for you and that nourishes you.

Do you ever wonder why one person can eat a vegan diet & thrive, and others become anemic, fatigued, etc? It’s bc of our bio-individuality.

Organic grass-fed beef for ie. can provide us w/ heme iron. Some ppl feel like they have been plugged into the electrical outlet, and NEED this source of iron for energy. I have many women on their menses who thrive on adding animal protein.

Or, what about raw food vegans?  There are doshas in ayurvedic medicine (Pitta, Vata, Kapha) which are the 3 energies that define every person’s makeup.  Some people are more Pitta (fiery + intense) and thrive on a raw food diet, because it helps cool them down internally. People who are more Vata, can’t get warm easily, so a raw food diet would not be ideal for them! These people would need more warming/cooked foods. Meat can ground them because they are usually more scattered and need some anchoring.

Yes, there are dioxins (environmental pollutants) in meat. We can choose the organic versions and grass-fed and free-range as much as possible to get higher quality, and we have to decide, as with any toxins we are exposed to if we feel the benefits of us eating meat can outweigh those toxins. We are meant to detox chemicals from the environment, however, in this day and age, we are being inundated with them.  Conversely, vegans may be eating tons of grains to fill in their diet which is high in arsenic! Pollutants are common in both cases.

I also do Carroll’s method for food intolerances and also some IgA/IgG food sensitivity testing, and an example is my recent patient’s high reactivity to eggs. Eggs can be a fuel for one, but for her, it kept her bloated, and 15 lbs that wouldn’t budge in inflammatory weight that she couldn’t get off until she removed eggs from her diet!

So, the point is, eat what makes you feel GOOD, and nourished, in every cell of your being. We all know intrinsically what we feel good eating. Trust your gut, literally!


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